February 18, 2020

Last month, the German site Movinga published a study of the best cities where it’s recommended to relocate as a family. The list contains 150 cities across the globe where various criterias have been selected for the evaluation. 3 Canadian cities make the top 10, and proudly in 2nd position is our wonderful city of Quebec!

It’s not surprising with all the career opportunities and services offered to newcomers. The families surveyed analyzed several other factors such as: 

  • affordable housing
  • costs the cost of living
  • the unemployment rate
  • the quality of education
  • safety
  • mobility
  • the air quality
  • health care
  • family activities
  • family leave
  • inclusiveness of families
  • neighborhood safety

Quebec City has stood out with its very reasonable cost of living, affordable housing costs and the lowest unemployment rate. It goes without saying that Quebec offers a balance between budget and career opportunity! Our culture of diversity and the legalization of same-sex couples among others things make Quebec an ideal place to settle with family.

BKOM Studios is proud to have had our head office in this wonderful city for over 24 years. We’re also very proud that our city can accommodate families who want to come and settle in our neighborhood. We know very well that it’s a big challenge to move to another city, province or even country, and we are committed to supporting those who make the jump in our studio.


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If you would excuse me now, I’m going for a stroll in Old Quebec and enjoy its view! We may bump into each other 😉

By Nathan Fillion