Destination BKOM Studios!

October 30, 2019

There are no geographical limits to come to work at BKOM Studios. Every year, we welcome new members from all over the world to our team. This month, we’d like to introduce you to Kielse, Gabriel and Wyatt who tell us about their work experience at BKOM Studios as well as how their process of adaptation and integration took place.

BKOM Studios is here!

We take great care in helping and supporting our new employees throughout their integration process. We judge it important to offer French classes that combine discussion workshops and theoretical courses tailored to the needs of our employees. We make sure that they have everything they need as soon as they arrive in Quebec, whether it’s to find a departure flight, housing, transportation to simplify their travel, etc.

The BKOM effect

Joining the BKOM Studios team is to be welcomed by a new family of talented, passionate people with a human dimension. It’s also about working in a stimulating environment where you can have a real impact on projects, come up with new ideas and feel listened to; an environment where the social dimension is an integral part of the work, with great activities and unforgettable parties!

Discover by yourself how these people have lived their experience:

Want to make the jump too? BKOM Studios is always looking for talent