Back to the office!

September 16, 2020

BKOM Studios is very excited to begin its gradual return to the office. About twenty employees came back last week. It’s a bit of a highly-anticipated time. Honestly, there are people who missed the office and the team. Frederic Martin, our CEO, is one of them. Despite the fact that we’ve discovered the relevance and the performance that we can obtain when working from home, the fact remains that there are elements that escape us a little when we are remote: belonging to a team, this proximity to people – two meters away, where you can really have this human connection and feel that you’re an integral part of the team. That’s really important.

For the time being, we are monitoring the COVID-19 situation very closely. We have put in place all the necessary measures to protect colleagues who come to the office. It’s also done in a calculated proportion. The positive thing about it is that you can change your environment and not always be working from home.

On a voluntary basis, for those who really miss the team members, you’re welcome back ! We see that as a very positive element, with always the flexibility to be able to choose. 

Watch the video below to discover the philosophy of our CEO Frédéric Martin on the subject.