November 20, 2019

Our November blog introduces Peter Andrew, VP of Production, who recently joined BKOM Studios. Having worked in the video game industry for over 30 years, he has held senior positions with major companies.


Leaving the sun and heat of California to settle in the beautiful city of Quebec with his family, Peter is not afraid to take on new challenges. Well known in the professional world, he has evolved in the gaming industry working on well-known projects, including “Marvel Puzzle Quest” for mobile, “FIFA” for console, and all the way back to “Double Dragon” for the Sega Genesis.

At D3Publisher of America Inc., he was in charge of business development and the production department where he was responsible for acquiring and developing games internally and externally. He also served as Technical Director at Electronics Arts Canada, a key position in the company.


Peter stands out for his ability to adapt to an ever-changing marketplace and a successful, team-oriented way of working. His skills in software engineering, project management and business development make him a unique jewel and a strong ally to propel the expertise of BKOM Studios to a whole new level.

We are delighted to welcome Peter to the BKOM family and are sure he will bring unique skills to the studio. He represents a highly valuable asset as the company is set to launch Overloot, our new mobile game, with our publishing partners WHAT (games), distributor of mobile games of the French giant Gameloft.

The Human Resource Department

This article was written by BKOM Studios’ Human Resources Department. If you want to know more about Business Development and BKOM Studios, follow us.