E3 and what BKOM Studios learned from it

June 21, 2019

This year marked the end of the 25th edition of The Electronic Entertainment Expo, commonly known as E3. Every year, this exhibition is devoted exclusively to the video game industry and gathers the biggest names such as: Nintendo, Ubisoft, Gameloft and Microsoft. Let’s not forget the several-tens of thousands of visitors attending this world renowned event. As one of the world’s biggest events in the video game industry, BKOM Studios has been there to meet many potential partners but also to stay up to speed with the new technological trends in the upcoming year.

Following our visit, we have noticed that E3 has changed. For the first time in years, Sony’s participation was nonexistent at the expo as well as several other major enterprises of the industry. On the other hand, BKOM Studios knew to capitalize with the announcement of new streaming platforms such as Apple Arcade and Stadia. This new turn in the video game industry, encourages companies to look for experienced partners to help them develop their own game on these new platforms. That means great opportunities for BKOM Studios for the development of our own IP and games which are designed and developed by our teams here in our studio but also in terms of partnership opportunities with the #01 brands of the industry. Our expertise and experience in project design and idealization makes us a great choice among the competition. We are confident that our meetings last week with potential partners, both traditional platforms (console, mobile, pc) and the new streaming platforms, will materialize into exciting opportunities for us.

By Luc Blouin