Client Intimacy …

November 21, 2018

“Client Intimacy.” I still remember the first time I heard these 2 words by Mr. Jacques Topping, an emeritus businessman from the Quebec City area with whom I had the chance to work. At the time, he explained to me how it was decisive to develop this sort of relationship with our partners in order to be able to understand their explicit and implicit needs. He said that beyond a mandate to achieve, there are humans behind each project and the relationship between these humans had to go beyond a Customer/Supplier relationship… He called it “Client Intimacy.”

In our field, we spend a lot of time in relation with our customers and partners. We define the product together, we live all the stages of development together and, in the end, we experience the same pride to have achieved great things together.

At BKOM Studios, the customer experience is at the center of our concerns. This closeness that we establish with each of our customers gives us the opportunity to develop this “client intimacy.” This results in the development of better products that meet the objectives of our partners, something our teams are proud of.

That said, it’s still important to mention that we are blessed to work with exceptional people who trust BKOM Studios and in whom we have placed our trust as well. This chance to collaborate with such great partners was not made possible alone. Thanks to our team who, over the years, has created this chemistry with our partners, we now have the privilege to participate in the creation and testing of interactive products of our collaborators several months in advance. Our partners integrate us directly into their teams as if we were members of the family.

For some partners, we are directly a piece of the puzzle of their commercial success. We bring our expertise in terms of interactive experience, we know how to create worlds that go beyond our imagination and allow emotions to illuminate the eyes of children living their first interactive experiences while learning.

Of course, all this quality found in our products is directly related to the passion and talent of our team. On the other hand, our ability to present products that are directly related to the vision of our partners is also directly related to this “client intimacy” that we experience with them every day.

by Martin Rhéaume
VP Production