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The Growth of a Studio on a Human Scale

June 11, 2018

An inspiring horizon

BKOM Studios has recently announced a partnership with the game distributor Seasun Games (a company in which the Chinese giant Tencent holds a stake) — which has chosen to invest several million dollars in the international marketing of our game Little Lords of Twilight.

With this important news and the confirmation of several other large-scale projects, 2018 is already well underway and the coming years will be rich in stimulating challenges. Faced with this inspiring horizon, the company is in full expansion and is actively seeking talent ready to join its creative team.

What are we fueling with?

Creativity, play, technology and marketing flow through our veins and it is this particular DNA that allows us to create experiences that are both effective and impactful. Leveraging cutting-edge expertise for the user experience and marketing goals of a brand or product has been our passion for almost 22 years now. And with today’s possibilities for augmented reality, artificial intelligence, the development of connected objects and many other promising avenues, our “playground” has never been so stimulating.

Human scale

Yes, BKOM Studios is definitely growing. But this growth is motivated by the quality standards on which the studio has built its reputation, and by the shared pleasure of contributing to the creation of experiences that stand out and leave their mark.

And for us, success is measured as such, rather than with a dramatic increase in the number of employees. The importance given to the contribution of each and the values ​​of cooperation that our studio advocates are echoed by the best and we are very proud of it.

In short, we have great ambitions on a human scale.

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– Frédéric Martin, CEO BKOM Studios

The Business Development Team

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