• Reduce the environmental footprint of BKOM Studios in its internal and external activities
  • Adopt and promote eco-responsible consumption, reducing the amount of waste produced

Action #1

Employee mobilization

Promote the principles of sustainable development internally

  • Provide employees with informative posters about waste management and sorting
  • Provide employees with tips to improve their lifestyle
  • Provide employees with a tool to facilitate the exchange of consumer goods (BKOM Market)

Calculate the rate of employee engagement using an internal survey

Action #2

Residual materials

Reduce the volume of waste produced and increase the recovery rate of residual material

  • Eliminate single-use items
  • Put recycling bins at employees’ disposal
  • Use a compost bin during summer
  • Prioritize bulk products for supply of employee snacks and household products

Quantity of recovered materials / volume of total material generated

Action #3

Responsible sourcing

Take into account the principles of sustainable development in the choice of our suppliers and exercise leadership

  • Promote suppliers close to the office
  • Promote companies with eco-responsible policies
  • Require suppliers to limit the use of non-recyclable materials when ordering (plastic bag, scoop of milk, non-recyclable glass, etc.)

Proportion of suppliers deemed responsible / all suppliers

Action #4

Community implications

To increase our involvement in social causes and with non-profit organizations

  • Organize activities that mobilize employees around the same cause

Hours volunteered by employees / year

Action #5

Greenhouse gas

To reduce the use of fossil energy in travel

  • Establish an internal carpooling system
  • Prioritize public transit when traveling outdoors
  • Extend time between orders to reduce travel

Kilogram of CO2 saved / year

Word from the Management

Today, the application of the principles of sustainable development in business has become inescapable. Guided by our desire to reduce the impact of our consumption and activities on the ecosystem, we have developed a sustainable development plan based on 5 of our priorities.

This plan, spread over 1 year, will allow us to set new goals for the coming years with a view to continuous improvement. We hope this first sustainable development plan will engage our stakeholders so that together we can make a difference for future generations.