Age of Empires IV

Consoles/PC Game

Audience: 13+

Launch Date: October 2021

Client: Microsoft Studios

Much awaited by fans, Age of Empires IV is the first new title for the famous real-time strategy (RTS) franchise in more than 15 years!


One of the most beloved strategy games of all time, Age of Empires IV takes advantage of the graphics and performance improvements since the release of the previous installment, allowing for much more detail in the characters, buildings, and other elements that make up the battlefields.


Our team worked specifically on UI Integration and Accessibility features for the game. The User Interface menus include items such as: main menus, loading screens, HUD, settings screens, tutorials windows, etc. On the accessibility front, we worked on the contrast mode, activation narration of UI accessibility for the blind, localization integration, adjustments on captions during narration, audio mechanism, etc.


BKOM Studios works closely with the prestigious Canadian studio Relic Entertainment, who are spearheading the development of the game, which will be released by Microsoft Studios. The collaboration between the 3 studios is fantastic and everyone is excited about the upcoming release.

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