Sunday Gold

PC Game

Audience: 18+

Launch Date: 2022

Client: Team17

Combining strategic turn-based combat, intricate puzzle solving, and a trio of cunning and cutthroat criminals, Sunday Gold takes place in 2070s London: a bleak and unwelcoming city, rife and riddled with crime, and a corrupt elite who will kill anyone working to uncover their malevolent and illegal secrets.

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Comic book inspired sequences, specific skills, attacks, and talent trees, along with as many stolen items the trio can get their thievin’ hands on, makes for a unique turn-based combat experience


Explore each room and solve a combination of observation, deduction, and inventory puzzles; hunt for clues, hack terminals, and even bust down a door (or two)

Keep your cool

In the face of dead bodies, cybernetic dogs, and psychotic billionaires even the most hardened criminals will start to lose their cool – maintaining the team’s composure with consumables and specific abilities will be key to mission success


A trio of trouble

Frank, Sally, and Gavin make for unusual comrades, but without each of their unique abilities to lock pick, hack, and rip things open with their bare hands, the mission is doomed to fail.

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