Yo-kai Watch Land

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Audience: Ages 6-8

Launch Date: September 2015

Client: Level-5 Inc.

Welcome to the world of Yo-kai Watch! Yo-kai are everywhere! Have you ever had something strange happen in your life that you couldn’t explain? Chances are, a Yo-kai was responsible! Join Whisper, the Yo-kai butler, as he guides you through the world of Yo-kai Watch!


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Discover the world of Yo-kai Watch in the Yo-Kai Watch Land app!


Play cool arcade games with your favorite Yo-kai characters!



Explore Yo-kai character bios in the Wiki!


Augmented Reality

Bring Yo-kai characters to life on your mobile device!

What players said

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"Can't believe they already have a Yo-Kai Watch app out! It's a nice bit of fun and the 3D models look even better than the 3DS game! Yo-Kai for me!"

by Superior Georgie, App Store, US

"Best game ever.
I can’t stop playing it."

by Supamegakool, App Store, US

"Great Start for a Franchise That Will Be Big!"

by Mus1c4lsR<3, App Store, US

"Yeah Buddy! The update made to this app is AMAZING! Huge upgrade from the last version. The games are awesome and the photobooth rocks! Gera-Gera Po!"

by dLema, App Store, US

"I AM LOVIN IT! This app is amazing. No explanation needed"

by Cheekskweek Cuttincheese, App Store, US

"Love it. I went to comic con on Thursday and I got a yo Kai medal for free and I have had so much fun with this app"

by Radidio, App Store, US

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Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and Android Device. This app is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus.