Dive into the 80s nostalgia with Madzik, the upcoming hack and slash adventure

The cooperative hack and slash adventure from BKOM Studios arrives on PC in 2024.

December 18, 2023 — BKOM Studios invites players and media alike to immerse themselves in the enchanting world of Madzik, a brand-new cooperative hack and slash adventure set to launch on Steam in 2024.

In Madzik, every living creature, including you, is subject to formidable moon transformations à la Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde. Shape your destiny and immerse yourself in a unique handcrafted world with a nostalgic 80s vibe.

At the heart of Zikverländ lies the influence of the Moons, those celestial bodies that govern the ebb and flow of magic in the realm. As players traverse through the adventure, the Moon Madness comes into play, altering the environments and presenting unique power-ups and enemies based on the lunar cycle. The power to control the moons becomes a strategic element, allowing players to unleash their moon madness and enhance their strength in captivating ways.

Within Zikverländ, two unique heroes – Makino and Veroline – contribute to the cooperative hack and slash experience with their distinct abilities. As players progress, they will unravel the lore of Zikverländ, forging alliances, overcoming challenges, and immersing themselves in a world where every note of music and every pixel on the screen echoes the spirit of that iconic era, from the neon-soaked lands to the engaging soundtracks.

Madzik is an unforgettable adventure, where moon madness, cooperative play, and immersive exploration combine to create a one-of-a-kind gaming experience.

Will you rise to the challenge and save Zikverländ?

Madzik is now available to Wishlist on Steam.

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Madzik is made possible with the financial contribution of the Canada Media Fund. 

Key Features

  • Cooperative Gameplay: Team up with a friend to unlock the full potential of the moons and defeat the corrupting forces. Your success depends on how well you collaborate with each other. Join forces and rise to the challenge together! 
  • Explore Handcrafted Mystical Lands: Set foot in lively and handcrafted lands, filled with rewarding exploration opportunities. From wool to pencil, Zikverländ is shaped with IRL elements that bring a unique aspect to our game. Add new powers to your arsenal and uncover the secrets of Madzik’s vibrant world as you venture deeper into the unknown. 
  • Dynamic Moon System: Witness the environment and enemies transform before you, their tactics and powers shifting with each lunar phase. Exploit their weaknesses and prepare for new challenges as you face off against ever-evolving adversaries. 
  • Tailor Your Strengths: Madzik’s ability system is part of your adventure, offering an array of diverse and customizable skills. It’s designed to offer a unique avenue for customization. Find the playstyle that suits you best. 
  • Two Unique Heroes: Players can choose from two heroes, each with a distinct and complementary role in combat.
    • Makino: Makino the Windbër is a powerful melee fighter that charges into packs of enemies and knocks them around with his giant enchanted warhammer.
    • Veroline: Veroline may look like a mere plush doll, but she is also a powerful wizard who has mastered the arcane arts to unleash devastating spells on anyone who stands in her way. 


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About Madzik

Madzik, the brainchild of Frederic Martin (CEO) and a passion project crafted over two decades, is not just a game; it’s a journey into the nostalgic tales that Frederic shared with his children. 

“A bunch of us at the studio grew up in the 80s watching pre-CGI fantasy movies, listening to Synth-Pop music, painting D&D miniatures, and crafting dioramas. It’s amazing to see how much of that pop culture is now very much alive again today. That 80s revival is a strong influence over how we imagined the style of the Madzik game.

Transformation is a core pillar. Everything in Zikverländ is subject to the pull of the New Moons: environment, heroes, enemies, they all react differently to the various moons when they block the sun, leading to rich and diverse gameplay moments.

Creating those floating dioramas that hold all of those mutating elements has been a blast for the team and we can’t wait to bring this title to the players! Stay tuned Yonderlanders, and beware the Nightfalls”, says Frederic Martin, CEO at BKOM Studios.


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