BKOM Studios partners with Groupe PVP to publish a new console game!

Quebec City, June 19th, 2020 – BKOM Studios is happy to announce a recent partnership with Groupe PVP, a well-established leader in the world of cinema, television, and digital media. BKOM Studios and Groupe PVP will join forces to bring on a new title for a very popular IP to the console market. This multi-million production is a key project for both organizations.

“Our team is thrilled to be working on this title for this iconic IP that has charmed audiences from around the world. I believe what we’re contributing in terms of gameplay mechanics and how we’ll bring this universe to life on game consoles will surprise and delight the fans.” says Frederic Martin, CEO at BKOM Studios. “The release is planned for 2021 and we can’t wait to see the response.” he adds.

François Trudel, vice-president and executive productive for Groupe PVP, is also thrilled by this new adventure: “PVP and its partners could not have found a better studio to develop this iconic IP into a World class video game! We are also thrilled with the partnership and the sterling work and collaboration provided by BKOM thus far. We just can’t wait to hit market on all the existing platforms in summer of 2021.”

BKOM Studios is the award-winning developer behind Overloot, Tales from Candlekeep: Tomb of Annihilation and Little Lords of Twilight.

Groupe PVP draws strength from the fusion of its four departments: Animation, documentary, fiction and digital media.


Founded in 1996, BKOM develops state-of-the-art games and interactive experiences for prestigious names in the Games and Entertainment Industry. Our team of 90+ talented people helps brands develop their presence across multiple platforms including products, points of sale, websites, apps, social media, marketing campaigns, connected toys, AR/VR experiences, video trailers, and, of course, mobile and console games.


Groupe PVP’s core business is the production of documentary films, animation, and fiction, complemented by our expertise in digital media, games, and information technology.
Well established in the world of cinema, television, and digital media for over 30 years, Groupe PVP sprang from founder Vic Pelletier’s passion for images. Since its creation, the company has evolved, adapted and successfully diversified to meet the needs of a constantly evolving market.

Today, Groupe PVP has a firm foothold in Canada and internationally, thanks to the talents of a team that extends to more than sixty colleagues sharing the same strong work ethic and quest for quality. Over the years, the production company has earned an array of awards and accolades.

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