BKOM Studios partners with gamigo!

Quebec City, March 2nd, 2021

Announcing another exciting collaboration: Bkom Studios and the gamigo Group, one of the leading publishers of online games in Europe and North America, have joined forces to bring to market a unique turn-based strategy game to be released later this year.

“We were looking for a publishing partner that knew the genre and the target audience really well. The team at gamigo immediately saw the potential behind our unique game concept and since day one, the collaboration has been fluid and very productive. A true partnership that we feel will fuel this title’s success!”, mentions our CEO, Frederic Martin.

Andreas Weidenhaupt, COO of gamigo says, “We are always working on diversifying our portfolio and in BKOM we’ve found a passionate studio that produces outstanding games. We quickly realized the potential of their latest project and want to bring this novel experience to a global audience. We’re looking forward to a successful partnership and expanding on our mobile publishing segment.” 

This latest development comes amidst other announcements about BKOM Studios’ new and important initiatives on PC, console, mobile and emerging platforms. “It’s a very exciting time at the studio.  When it comes to developing famous IPs or original independent games, or Future of Play experiences, we don’t see these as mutually exclusive choices our studio has to make: what drives us at the end of the day is to deliver the best Play experiences for the targeted audiences. That’s what matters to us. We not only collaborate with the biggest names out there, but we also create amazing triple-I games on mobile, PC and console alike. This diversity (of platforms, of expertise, of projects) is something we value and will continue to offer to our team members and clients.” adds, Frederic Martin. 

BKOM Studios is growing and there are a few open positions for talented game smiths that are looking for a human-size company with the means to achieve its ambitions, and a place to grow and collaborate with industry veterans (learn more here:


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ABOUT gamigo

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