Québec, Canada – 16 June 2022 – NACON, PVP GAMES, and BKOM studios, in collaboration with Zorro Productions, Inc. and the Canada Media Fund, are pleased to announce that Zorro The Chronicles is now available on PC, PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.

The all-new, action-packed adventure game, adapted from the hit animated series of the same name, offers epic adventures, combining thrilling combat, exciting exploration, and a nail-biting stealth experience.

Discover the epic gameplay of Zorro The Chronicles now:


Zorro The Chronicles is a family-friendly action-adventure game that features a variety of game mechanics, from sword combos to infiltration, as well as a parrying system. There is something for every play style in Zorro’s new saga.

Zorro The Chronicles, the game offers players a variety of characters to choose from, including Diego and his fearless sister, Ines. Each hero has specific abilities that they use to bring justice to Spanish-dominated 19th Century California. 

Before every mission, players get to choose a starting location on the map, which directly affects the game’s style, and can lead to a stealthy approach or more of a frontal assault. To vanquish villain Monasterio’s soldiers, Zorro can employ a range of techniques, including using sound as a distraction, reaching high places with the aid of his famous whip, and leveraging the environment to his advantage. Experience points are earned with each successful parries and combos made while disarming enemies or marking them with a “Z”.

Zorro The Chronicles features teenager Don Diego, who faces the greatest challenges of his life as he fights for justice against numerous unscrupulous – and well-armed – tyrants! The action-packed series, like the game, presents villains’ evil plots and Zorro’s cunning tricks and jokes, all wrapped up in exciting and humorous action, including spectacular fights as he tries to protect vulnerable and innocent people.

Zorro The Chronicles, the game is adapted from Cyber Group Studios’ hit animated series of the same name, produced in collaboration with Zorro Productions, Inc. for France Télévisions (France) and RAI (Italy). The blockbuster show has been sold in over 100 countries to major broadcasters such as Turner (France), RTVE (Spain), RTS (Switzerland), Télé-Québec (Canada), Globosat (Brazil), TV5 Worldwide, and many others. The animated program was nominated for two awards, the 13th edition of the TV France International Export Awards and a Pulcinella Award for “Best Kids TV series” at Cartoons on the Bay (Italy).


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