Bkom Studios Welcomes Master of Video Game Production to Its Team

Québec, August 22, 2018 – Quebec City’s BKOM Studios is pleased to announce the appointment of a well-known figure from the Quebec video game industry, Mr. Martin Rhéaume, Vice President of Production.

An exceptional manager who has been working in video games for nearly 25 years, Martin Rhéaume has made his mark at bE HAVIOUR, Beenox/ Activision and Frima before choosing BKOM Studios.

In his new role, Martin will oversee the entire production, bringing his vast experience to the benefit of the directors of the various departments of BKOM Studios. He will help optimize processes and ensure product quality and customer satisfaction.

“Everyone knows and appreciates Martin. It’s a chance for our growing company to be able to count on his extraordinary abilities to lead multidisciplinary teams, combined with his solid experience in human resources management, “said Mr. Frédéric Martin, President and Chief Executive Officer at BKOM Studios.


Since 22 years, BKOM Studios has been developing cutting-edge interactive games and experiences for prestigious clients in the gaming and entertainment industry. The company grows from year to year and relies on a tight-knit team of more than 90 dedicated employees who help brands build their presence across multiple platforms including products, point of sale, websites, mobile apps, social media marketing campaigns, connected toys, virtual and augmented reality experiences and, of course, mobile games.
BKOM Studios is expanding and actively seeking new talent ready to join its creative team. Want to collaborate with Martin Rhéaume and the entire BKOM Studios team? Several positions are available now at


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